Terms & conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of collections material:

  • Images: For some material, Finna may have an image, e.g., museum objects, works of art and photographs. If you would like to publish such an image or use it in a public context, always follow the terms of use indicated with the image. In public contexts, image author and source must be referenced. If no terms of use are indicated for the image or you are unsure of your right to use it, always contact the organisation that provided the material to Finna. If you would like to use the cover image for a book, send an inquiry using Finna's General feedback form.
  • Digital material: In the case of digital material, Finna provides a link to the website of the organisation which controls the material in question. Statutory or contractual rights and restrictions may apply to material available through such websites. Any rights and restrictions are specified on the websites.
  • Metadata: The metadata presented with the search results are as a rule freely accessible, with the exception of abstracts included in the metadata, back cover texts for books, and metadata produced by Finna users. These may be under copyright from third parties.

The geocoding of material is based on open data from the OpenStreetMap, licensed under an Open Data Commons Open Database Licence.